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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ramadi news coverage, December 2005

It's pretty hard to get news this wrong, but when you're hiding in a hotel- anybody supplying video and pictures will probably seem credible. And this is what passes for Iraq war coverage.

I will link to right-wing news sites, because they appear to mirror my indignation at the propaganda passed off as news. I know their bias- it is clear, 5 years ago I would probably be ashamed to be so associated with the 'right-wing'. But since when has it been a right-wing attribute to want honesty and context, or even what is loosely called 'patriotism', or at least not openly rooting for the other side?

I can only conclude that I am out of touch in some fundamental way. I read this crap and it is surreal how they get it so wrong.

Here is the story on Reuters, BBC and AP, compare with a report from someone 'actually there', and some other indignation running around the blogosphere. Some commentary on Blackfive and other milblog sites. You tell me.


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