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Thursday, October 05, 2006

October update

Working around politicians this past month has been quite interesting. Definitely a valuable experience, even if I don't know if I should stick around too much longer. It's the temporary nature of my recent life, you know. However, there are some politicians to look up to, as John Howard shows, to fight for us- even if he's not American. At the moment I'm thinking I wouldn't make it on Capitol Hill- my mother says it's because 'I don't like to compromise'. Ah well, elections coming up... will be interesting.

People always wonder why Fox News is so hated. I don't know, I'd have to say it's an almost biblical thing- remove the beam from your own eye before you complain about the mote in someone else's, or something like that. The ongoing success and expansion of Fox is testament to the ascension of a previously underrepresented and unheard cross-section of American thought and culture. The fact that Fox channel in particular falls prey to some of the same weaknesses of the other media platforms, using sensationalism, or entertainers like Bill O'Reilly (not a journalist), does more to highlight the weaknesses of the medium in general rather than the actions of one specific channel.

Here are some cool links- 'Maps of War' has a Flash presentation of the Imperial History of the Middle East over the past 5000 years, very informative. There are some continuing conversations over the conflicts brewing there, and some are trying to combat stereotypes of the Islamic threat. In 'One size doesn't fit all' a Navy man points out the fallacies of painting all Muslims with the same brush, and the point that our successes come from allying with the discontented among the Muslim world. I think that it kind of misses the point, the fact that some use Islam as a shield to legitimize their actions... but it's worth noting. Because certain countries seem headed toward disaster by willfully ignoring these developments. European military planning is a perfect example of this, contemplating their lack of youth, among other significant problems which make people of my perspective wonder how Europe would be defended in some manner of future conflict.

Such is the state of the world at the moment...


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