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Friday, January 21, 2005

Great media on the web

For all those who enjoy the benefits of the web, I want to show you some of the hilarious stuff I've come across the last couple of days.

To start off with, here is a hilarious video clip- I forget who does the music- of Bush and Blair at a press conference, saying they want to go the 'Gay Bar'. It's on Quicktime, (

Who didn't love Team America? Then you are looking at the wrong site, buddy. Here's a soundboard with all your favorites, ( Constant amusement.

Same goes for 'Fight Club'. Here's a review of 'Fight Club', being the work of a mature Calvin, from 'Calvin and Hobbes' fame of our youth. Is the case made? I'm not convinced, decide for yourself (

And then, of course, something serious. The ongoing debate (mostly among the misinformed) of Depleted Uranium and it's effects. For a simple listing of the medical sites and studies, check here (, or for the background on the conversation check Winds of Change here (

That's enough for today, back to the grind.


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