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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back to work soon

Finally posted the photos from Indonesia below. They've got their share of problems, but not like the ones going on in the Philippines at the moment. Or maybe those I'll see back at home/work, for that matter (both courtesy of The Belmont Club). Maybe I should go visit the Fatherland, they'll like me there, haha....

Couldn't make it to Singapore due to missing the scheduled flight back from Jakarta, but no worries on that, next time I'm in the area I'll make it. But not soon; I will be headed back in the next few days. It's been quite an interesting trip. No new job yet, but still have a few leads and ideas. I really want to come back here for work, whether it's some type of security or business deal. That's the niche for me at the moment, until I can manage otherwise.

But that niche feels restrictive, so I'm kind of at a crossroads of what to do about it so I can take the next step. A part of me wavers and says 'go travel', a part says 'just keep working', a part says 'go study, there's always something to improve'. Honestly, I'm at a point now where I want to be getting enmeshed in work. That would be ideal when I'm just starting here and getting going. However, all the fields which would interest me most generally require me to be back in the States waiting for the next 6 months or so, even if it brought me back into this world. So school starts looking like a really nice option... really, the deal is I need to put the hard work in now and get established. In whatever field it ends up being. I'm getting varied experience, but in one way it's still like treading water- I might be getting stronger but I'm going nowhere, and eventually I'll tire of it.

All this negativity is unproductive though. In some ways having the opportunity to see the things I am now is immeasurable- shared by few outside the military community. This is true. However, the current vehicle for doing this is far from ideal. And the pragmatic questions of money and other material concerns linger...

Ah well, my friends and family- the captive audience who reads this blather- care about me. Good friends, some with bigger families too (congrats again, Obi). That's the main thing that matters. Even if they have to put up with this whinging (there I go with that English again, the proper term is 'whining' no matter what the Brits say).


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