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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Magic Tuesday?

Not really. Feels like the tempo has kicked up a bit, we've been busy. Don't know if it's just me, but it seems like the selection of the Prime Minister and the breaking of the political stalemate in Baghdad has stabilized things. Less uncertainty. We've still got the 'long hard slog' ahead, but with the factional stuff and some local developments it was looking pretty messy the past couple of months. The IP and ING are back out on the roads, that's for sure.

In the meantime, a lot of stuff going on- work, bureaucratic infighting, sandstorms, new people, etc... hard to fit time for my reading, watching movies and sunbathing, not to mention fitness! Family traveling, graduating, working and all that too. Life is tough... guess you all know that.

Here's a few interesting reads- if nothing else, read this Mark Steyn article in The Australian. He really gets at the heart of things in a logical way- why is it so difficult to do something for Sudan? Choice quote: 'The UN kills.' His main point? 'At some point, the Left has to decide whether it stands for anything other than self-congratulatory passivity and the fetishisation of a failed and corrupt transnationalism.' Tough one to swallow. Let me know if you're persuaded (I know 'The Left' is a bit broad, but we must make some compromises for punditry).

Additionally, VDH is interviewed on Hugh Hewitt's show about recent happenings in Iran, while recovering from a burst appendix he had in Libya. He's always interesting with the Classic perspective he brings.

In other news, a minor editorial on Chinese debt. Who knows how it'll turn out, but ignore it at your peril. And an editorial in San Diego on Mexican influence on their home election, kind of interesting as a side issue. Even if not a particularly great editorial.

Always got more to do, but I'll have to stop there for the moment- good hearing your thoughts as well.


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