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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A tired Wednesday afternoon

Lot of stuff going on- is it already Wednesday? Jeesh. Between reading, meeting the Secretary of Defense, running into old friends and people I know, searching for jobs, going to Baghdad, I've been busy. But the best was catching up with my brother this weekend. We've both been busy, so it's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and hear what he's up to. All good, same old- but good to hear. He's working hard too- just figured a way to do it without getting shot at, which gets props in my book. Although don't know if I'd be here otherwise...

Did I tell you it's green outside and it's been cool and rainy? Weird weather for here, I'm told. It's almost nice. True, most of nearby is a dustbowl, but as you travel along Al-Furat (The Euphrates) towards Baghdad it can be nice- all the farmers and irrigation. Wonder if it can be developed into more, or if it's artificially that way. Hmm. It'll probably just dry up in the scalding summer heat.

So what's gone on. Well, was a bit tired after that multiday trip to the South last week, where I saw the camels (still have a few more pictures to post). Turned out I had a day off, so I read a few books and magazines I just received, watched a few movies.

The Robert Young Pelton book 'The Adventurist' is something I'll wait to post on later, pure travel porn for me- going to exotic warzones and such. A bit of a nut, although I wasn't totally impressed. I'm halfway through another book on modern mercenaries ('War Dogs: Fighting other people's wars') which is quite interesting, considering some people here know some in the book, and have different recollections. A lot of the guys here worked in Sierra Leone- most as British soldiers, others not. Pretty considerable stuff.

As for the movies; 'Walk the Line' about Johnny Cash- was pretty decent, mostly because of Reese Witherspoon. Joaquin wasn't bad, but he wasn't 'the man/ the legend', so despite a good story and a few other points, it was alright. Finished the 'Sonny Chiba collection' last week- some of his old ones (minus the Street Fighter series) which was pretty good, and also a 'History of Violence', which I disliked immensely. This guy was trying to leave his previous violent life, and in order to do it, had to rely on violence, and everybody disliked him for it- wife of 20 years, son, whatever. It seemed almost emasculating, how they demonized the fact that he was threatened and resorted to violence to solve it. I didn't see the point. I would really like to just shake that person.... 'Spy who came in from the Cold' last night was a thinker, even though I view John LeCarre in a dim light.

Met Donald Rumsfeld this morning at the American Embassy in Baghdad. Well, unfortunately 'met' is a bit of an exaggeration; he said 'what are you guys doing, standing in the bus line?' as he walked by with his big entourage. That was the man, in case you haven't noticed. That was in between running into a bunch of guys who I used to be with back in the military- 2 working in the Diplomatic security branch, 1 still in the military. It is definitely a small world.

Anyhow, got some admin done, tired and bruised from the ride there and back (second in a row). That's alright though. Looking for a job, and might have something started. Have to interview and do a few other requirements, but it sounds promising. Maybe later this year.

So you can see why I might be tired. No, it's not always like this, but it can be. I've always got a little bit too much going on for my own good, even though I mostly get away with it. Even if it's sometimes to the detriment of those who care about me, I'm afraid. Thinking of you all-


  • Wow! Rummy was sassing you guys. So, did he look as embattled as the tabloids portray him to be?

    By Anonymous The Manxome Foe, at 8:20 AM  

  • Of course not! Rummy is the main man, nothing fazes him. Haven't you seen hist moves?

    By Blogger sunguh5307, at 5:36 PM  

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