Postmodern classic?

Monday, January 31, 2005

'The horror, the horror'

One of my more masochistic habits is that of listening to NPR (National Public Radio) in the morning. I can't help it, I was raised on it- it's not, as some of my friends allege, the benefit of 'knowing what the enemy thinks'. Most of the time their news coverage is well done and they make a good effort to balance their discussions.... most of the time. When they don't I find that veins are popping out of my forehead and I'm having trouble driving or other complex motor skills.

This morning was no exception- started off decent, discussing the elections in Iraq with an Arabic correspondent, pretty interesting. But then it devolved into a paean about the Marines who died in the crash last week. Now, I'm quite sensitive to the fate of our military members- I was once among them and personally know a few who aren't coming back. But the choice quotes were too much- a Marine contemplating the value of Iraqi democracy vs. the lives of his friends.

This will not devolve into a spiel on the defeatist 'Yes, but...' one-sided media coverage in Iraq. Some of the guys I link to (and I've listed below in a previous post) are way ahead of me on that one. And I'm not going to criticize the Marine who said that, it's a question we all have to struggle with. The recent (and probably ongoing) Andy Sullivan/Instapundit/Kaus clash over the war's cheerleaders and detractors is more indicative of what I'm feeling over this situation. They are all exposing each others biases (and in the case of Sullivan, a little flakiness), which is good. But it's sad.

I grew up in a good liberal family where debate and critical thinking was encouraged, so I don't feel too bad about my recent political shifts. I listen to my newfound 'allies' (so to speak) complain about liberals and leftists and while I understand, I also know that they are good people too. I just hope that the leaders and decisionmakers among the Democratic party can see why someone like me is moving more right by the day after listening to the defeatist crap they offer as 'opposition' to the Republicans. I don't identify as a Republican just yet, but after a couple of years it looks possible... but this shouldn't be taken as a threat. I'm an independent person capable of making decisions on what is best for me and my country, and what's more I believe strongly in the responsibility to do so.

People like Michael Moore and Seymour Hersh need to be denounced as Big L 'Losers'. That's all I got to say. Belmont Club has the latest on Hersh's most recent screed and it's pathetic.

Eh, what can you do. I better get to school so I can look at and talk to some of the pretty women- I mean, I have some studying to do.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Great media on the web

For all those who enjoy the benefits of the web, I want to show you some of the hilarious stuff I've come across the last couple of days.

To start off with, here is a hilarious video clip- I forget who does the music- of Bush and Blair at a press conference, saying they want to go the 'Gay Bar'. It's on Quicktime, (

Who didn't love Team America? Then you are looking at the wrong site, buddy. Here's a soundboard with all your favorites, ( Constant amusement.

Same goes for 'Fight Club'. Here's a review of 'Fight Club', being the work of a mature Calvin, from 'Calvin and Hobbes' fame of our youth. Is the case made? I'm not convinced, decide for yourself (

And then, of course, something serious. The ongoing debate (mostly among the misinformed) of Depleted Uranium and it's effects. For a simple listing of the medical sites and studies, check here (, or for the background on the conversation check Winds of Change here (

That's enough for today, back to the grind.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Starting to blog

I really appreciate the bloggers out there who are contributing to the dialogue of our world. Since this is my first post, I'll list those who I watch the most to start with.

There are many more, and I have some friends who have blogs too, but these are the main people I watch. I do watch some of the mainstream media sources, which I'll list here.

Today I ran across a new blog,, an ally of the Diplomad and a longtime contributor to LGF ( His premier post really articulated some of the most interesting developments in synthesizing local and global political developments- applying lessons learned from the US's 1996 Welfare Reform to our current Foreign Aid policy. It's worth a read.

In the future, there will be more- but this'll be enough for now.