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Friday, August 05, 2005

Confessions of a Hawk

There is a vigorous debate in the pages of the Belmont Club over ongoing actions in the Middle East and our strategic outlook that are worth a close look. Also included are more reports that Iran is shipping explosives into the theatre as a neighbor would do to increase stability.

Why, exactly, have we not laid some major scunion on Iran and Syria? What are we waiting for, them to all of a sudden respect the sovereignty of their friendly neighbor?

Oh wait, maybe we are the only ones hanging onto that elusive ideal. I say pitch it in the trash like all that other crap- 'multilateralism', multiculturalism', 'religion of peace', etc. Don't invade, but a ruthless and audacious decapitation strike in concert with their dissident movement would be lethal and a death blow to their theocracy. Sit back and see the vipers destroy themselves.

Is that feasible? Could we pull it off? I think not now, but we're getting there- the EU's upcoming negotiation failure will be one of the preconditions, of course. When will we hear the 21st century equivalent of 'the die is cast'?


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