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Monday, August 01, 2005

The conceit of modernity

Stuff like this just pisses me off- anytime you hear someone say 'I thought we've moved beyond that...', whatever else they say is just trash. Meaningless, inconsistent and conceited trash- I won't even call it BS because that would give it too much credit by assigning value to it. Trash should just be disposed of.

Neo-neocon was having a little discussion on her sensitivity to ethnicities in her blog when someone criticized her for this lapse. I could use this as an opportunity to float the common joke about the definition of racist (or bigot) is someone who has won an argument with a liberal. But that would be so reactionary and crude.

But this conception of modernity is a central principle of the 'progressive'. Because in the new world we have already overcome these base things, why, we're just a few people short of achieving utopia. If only those goddamn (insert here: Republicans, conservatives, red staters, class traitors, etc...) people wouldn't resist, everything would be perfect.

It's not so fruitful to remind people of the most dominant 20th century example of this being Marxist philosophy as articulated by Communist propaganda. That would offend some people who are more principled, because 'dissent is the highest form of patriotism'. The fact that those subscribing to this utopian vision argue national security issues from the identified platform of our opponents is not convenient to mention.

This kind of willful ignorance is breathtaking. This is what leads to people having no conception of what our military is or what it's for- but living under it's protection, they assume it's no good. Another editorial in the Wapo this morning talked about that. Oozing with that progressive contempt and condescension, the cultured Uwe Reinhardt makes these telling statements:

"When our son, then a recent Princeton graduate, decided to join the Marine Corps in 2001, I advised him thus: "Do what you must, but be advised that flourishing rhetoric notwithstanding, this nation will never truly honor your service, and it will condemn you to the bottom of the economic scrap heap should you ever get seriously wounded." The intervening years have not changed my views; they have reaffirmed them."

WTF. Where do you start with all the assumptions implied in this short paragraph? Starting with the fundamental idea that military service is bad for you... Maybe in their progressive little enclave no one respects the military, but not where I've lived and in my family. It just astonishes me people can say this, like the NYT post on the 'mercenary U.S. Army' that was discussed a few days ago- amazing. These people have no conception of how our country keeps us safe. However one should be encouraged that, I assume, her son stuck to his principles and stayed the course to serve.

But I'm digressing like I always do. This is willful ignorance of reality in favor of a feverish utopia, where the military and its supporters (and other crude reminders of our savage beginnings) are not welcome. Just leave them alone, please! They probably won't bother us.

And yet, they do. They keep coming back, just like those nasty people who fight them.


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