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Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm a Hessian

The Hessians- German mercenaries brought to America by George the 3rd to fight in the Revolutionary War. Overwhelmed by George Washington and forced to switch sides, they were still derided for their mercenary ways....

Enter one of the most recent forays of the MSM into 'understanding the military', and ending up confirming the big gap of awareness for this Ivy-league professor making outrageous statements of which he seems to know little. I echo the pundits involved skepticism that this guy, Kennedy from Stanford (a history professor, evidently?!?), actually knows anyone in the military. I'd link to his article to showcase it for posterity, but the hyperlink has already become inactive (correction: my fault, now active). Fortunately, some have already recorded it for us.

Here is the roundup, thanks to the usual suspects between Blackfive, Greyhawk, Lt. Smash, via Instapundit.

Short excerpt from B5:

"Kennedy definitely believes that the military is disjoined from society. Maybe those in Palo Alto don't get it, but I challenge Kennedy to go to the Midwest, the South or anywhere else other than the coasts and see what people say about the military. Or what the military men and women have to say about them.
And why is it that the military, if so disconnected, are so admired and respected? Why respected more so than smug academic hacks like Kennedy? Maybe he's just jealous..."

And then of course, there's the new show 'Over there', with a curt review from another Hessian, states (more at Centermass):

"More thoughts later, but I’d like to throw out a few initial observations.
-It just wouldn’t be Hollywood if we didn’t quickly show drug use and racial tension in the ranks
-“Keep quiet” and “keep down” apparently means little to soldiers
-One very realistic line from the sergeant during a lull in the action: “Do something useful … eat!”
-Soldier stereotypes? Check, we got’em
-Surprisingly questionable portrayal of women in combat. I doubt this will last many episodes"

Not much more to say on that. What're they going to do next, get Oliver Stone to direct a 9/11 movie? Oh, they did? Never mind...

UPDATE: A little bit more background on those Hessians. Quite interesting. And fixed the link to Kennedy's piece.


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