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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sand, concrete, palm trees and AK-47's

Well, here I am in the 'Sandbox' (general military slang for the Middle East, but usually meaning Iraq), looking at one of the many odd things to see in this sand-saturated ville. Quite an odd place from my first impressions. It's going to be an interesting time.

I don't want to place too much faith in my opinions and introspection at this time. My pet projects of interest in international issues and politics will take a definite secondary place for the duration of this work. The major focus will be on getting things done.

A lot of foreigners here. Here's a couple of articles on the Europeans for perspective- in recent years it's quite accurate the pacifism and idealism emanating from the dominant European political elites, but speculation on the past centuries of power leaves one to conclude that a permanent alteration of character is far too presumptuous. Tigerhawk excerpts from Ralph Peters new book (which I will soon order) that, in a Thucydidean affirmation of the darkness of human nature, we should not discount the human capacity for violence, no matter how pacifist it seems. An interesting article in TCS discusses the American/European connection and how we relate to them politically and economically, how we see the role of government. And The Daily Standard offers us a perspective of Winston Churchhill and his efforts to support empire, along with potential parallels in the US's current position. Here's another one, a little more political focus (knocking on Senator Boxer) on our lack of historical education here in the US. It is a bit embarrassing at times, something I'd attribute in part on the 'PC' culture of recent times.

Honesty, not politics, is what's needed in the future. That, not their accomplishments, is what is so impressive of the Greeks and Romans.


  • I guess I should have seen it coming, had I read the blog more carefully.
    Happy Ramadan and all

    By Blogger Effi, at 11:12 PM  

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