Postmodern classic?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Differing reports of the protest size in the media- what do we make of it? Well, the obviously unbiased stalinist group ANSWER who organized the event estimated 300,ooo. The Wapo said 'tens of thousands', but some eyewitnesses disagree. Who is right or wrong.... and did they play by 'the rules'?

Protesting, by itself, is not wrong. It is a democratic exercise of the Liberal principle of free speech as an individual right. However, in contemporary American politics it seems to be misproportionately represented by those who advance a consistently nondemocratic agenda. To limited success. A little more disturbing is the cognitive dissonance which seems to actively downplay these weirdos. Neo-neocon discusses this quite well in her deconstruction of 'truth to power'. Actually, the comments are quite interesting as a reflection of left/right agreement and respectful discussion.

Reading recommendations: Of course, the Belmont Club provides a great analysis of more OIF reports. Michael Yon reports that the Deuce-Four is back in the country. Robert Kaplan's new book 'Imperial Grunts' is absolutely great.


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