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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just in the mail

A friend just sent me this T-shirt in the mail, wore it to my buddies breakfast this morning. We joked about it a lot when we were in school together, making fun of American political wishy-washiness, a quality her country seems to be lacking (thank god!). Which makes the shirt so funny. A bunch of fighter pilots and other veterans of the Washington DC scene, they appreciated the sentiment. It's a great T-shirt, I've had a few good ones over the past couple of weeks (others at Bureaucrash), but be warned they take forever to deliver.

Things are going well here, should be off to the UK tomorrow then soon after to the Middle East. I'm pretty pumped. It's an interesting job, putting me near where I'd be had I gone back into the military. Although the pay and training are a little better... it'll give me a great foundation to do whatever is I end up doing next. That could be going back to school. While interesting to plan for, not something I'm overly concerned with at the moment.

More pictures to come, and I'll be keeping you updated...


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