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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The most dangerous place in Thailand

Of course I must find it. Is it dark alleys? Battlezones? No, the live poultry section of Chatuchak, the world's largest open-air market. Can you handle that!

After jumping 5 time-zones and about a day of travel I'm in Thailand again. It's funny what you remember and forget about this place- the energy and dynamism of the people and the activity in the markets, everything going on around the place. Along with the impressive skyscrapers you have the unregulated sprawl along the coastline, just going on while the buses trawl for more riders or make unplanned stops. Hard to figure out where the city starts and ends.

This place really has it's own character, like all places for good and bad- lush in foliage, even with the pollution and trash in places. The markets are everywhere, not just in certain places. We foreigners see an odd section of the country that tries to cater to their real and perceived needs- whether it's the backpackers or the sex tourists or the enterprising businessmen. There's so much else going on despite the weird-looking foreigners walking along the way. It's nice here in climate and the locals are friendly, but don't think I would want to stay too long for some reason. That's what vacations are for, anyway- definitely better than work.


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