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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Traveling here and there

So I'm in the Middle East still, visiting Israel and the amazing sites here. My friend is worried I'm not leaving an excited endorsement. But I hope I am! However, I think my version of excitement is a little say, abnormal, and people who would come out here would probably be more hesitant to come with my endorsement ("It's really safe here, I don't have to carry a gun" or "The Arabs here usually just use knives and stones, almost harmless"). That's probably not the best advertisement for tourism. No, this place is amazing, and you can see why when visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as I did the other day, or the Western (Wailing) Wall. Of course, not totally safe, even if nothing like where I've been working, but something to see and will see more of in the future. Barring a third intifada, no reason not to come. Media reports seem a little overblown, but I guess they're just about as accurate as those coming from my workplace.

The future, ah- so scary to contemplate! At the moment, I'm just trying to focus on the travel ahead of me, next to dive in Thailand, then maybe Malaysia and Singapore, then back to work. But what next, how do I get ready for my future career? I suppose I'm scared I'll get stuck in this line of work, but it's more like there are other things to do, that I have to get on with- like maybe going back to school. I joked about that with my cousin- my experiences in the military were what gave me the motivation to finish school in the first place, as sick of it as I was anything was better than that, and now I might be falling into it again. I have to do something I like though, and there are some interesting opportunities I'm considering.

Well, onto a plane soon, put some more pictures up in the next couple of days. They are better than my attempts at humor. Thinking of friends and family- especially new additions like young S in the past weeks, and those expected soon. See ya around-


  • The sad thing is that I dont think you're "Israel - it's almost safe" slogan is much worst than the "babes in holy places" campaign the tourism ministry is running (as can be seen at http:/ )

    By Blogger Effi, at 8:08 PM  

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