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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Real Writing

I must have really bluffed college, because I can't write.

Sure, I can write, organize my ideas, that kind of thing. But when you read good writing, you know it. It's one thing to organize your thoughts into coherent and easily followed thoughts, another thing to do that AND make it interesting to read.

Take Chicagoboyz- a bunch of good stuff, but they have contributors like this woman Ginny who often posts there. I assume she's a teacher in Texas somewhere, but about everything she writes seems to be just fascinating. She recently wrote about 'Hard America' and 'Soft America' as it pertains to the American educational system, in 2 parts (1, 2). It's really great stuff, makes you think about the different routes people take in their life. I don't, and a few others don't as well, buy fully into this artificial separation of 'Hard' and 'Soft' American, but it does make you examine things a little closer.

A little closer to my present station is Midnight, a USMC lieutenant in Fallujah (don't read to much into the 'hushed casket' thing, evidently it has something to do with video games and not politics). Better pictures and writing than here for sure- I guess he previously did an editorial in the NYT or something. His post on Port-a-John graffiti echoes a previous one of mine, although he includes pictures and mine is far shorter.

Here is an interview with Blackfive, of the famous Blackfive site. A great place for veterans and military issues, among other milblogs.

Blogs are a great medium for bringing a voice to people who you would otherwise miss out on. You hear about different people on different subjects through these various networks which are quite fascinating in how efficiently they transmit sophisticated data.

All these people have a lot to say and are quite successful in how they say it. I probably have something to say as well, just haven't figured out how to do it quite yet.


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