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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Military 'Plan for Iraq'

A few things going on. Some are debating over Powell's remarks from Sunday, and I think that's notable as well- although you won't find this individual gushing over the former Secretary of State's credentials and experience, in fact I am quite prepared to view them in a much less positive light. The Washington Post has had some good articles recently highlighting the military opposition to radical changes in Iraq policy.

But the most important over the past few days has been this article on TCS Daily about plans for Iraq. I've been trying to write something like this the past few weeks but this is much better than I've been able to manage. It is the cornerstone of military efficiency with clear end goals, realistic calculations and reserved ambitions. I have been reading his blog, Westhawk, for quite some time, and I would recommend it highly.

What are the chances that something this concise and easily implemented could be considered in our current government? Hmmmm....

UPDATE: The Zucker Youtube contribution. If you gotta say it, humor is best.


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