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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in Al Anbar

Life in Iraq goes on- the minutes seem like hours, although the days are like minutes. A warped perception of time, for sure. It's been a long two days, battling with the different weather conditions and how it affects our mobility. When the choppers can't fly due to sand, it affects our movements as well. So we sometimes get long hauls which can be even longer when stuck behind a convoy or other conditions detain us underway.


As some people know, I'm a bit of a China buff. Here is an abbreviated history of China in 4 web pages, for someone who wants to understand this country a little deeper. Minxin Pei in the Weekly Standard attacks the idea of gradual political development alongside communist leadership in China's booming economy. And the Christian Science Monitor looks at China's history, particularly the Battle of the Bridge at Luding, where the Long Marching Communist Party fleeing from Chiang Kai Shek's (Jiang Jieshi- I hate Wade-Giles romanization!) KMT forces. Fact is a little different from the official story of the Chinese Communist Party.

In domestic news, today is Memorial Day. Tigerhawk takes a look at how military servicemembers have been portrayed in the media as of late. As a veteran myself, the last thing we need is special treatment of some sort. But to put it lightly, I do get a bit sensitive when feel that I am being condescended to. As descriptions of military people as brainwashed victims of manipulative administrations might do...

Harry Reid calling legislative efforts to make English the official language 'racist' might have been a bit uncalled for? Here is an interesting piece of punditry on what passes for intellectual discourse in some circles, elaborating on the rule that a 'racist is just a conservative who won an argument with a liberal'. I think the word 'liberal', used in the context of 21st century American politics, warps the English languge (Adam Smith and his peers had a far different meaning than we use). But check it out anyhow.

And for some humor, here is a candid look at what goes on at Fox News Channel.


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