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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A view from the office

Traffic patterns here are a bit different than home, to say the least. You can see I'm showing respect and deference to the military convoy by pointing my weapon away from them as they pass. We were stopped, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the picture.

A few interesting thing on the net this fine morning. Upon contemplation of the conflicts in Lebanon and recent events in London, some people haven't gotten it in their heads yet that people want to kill us. The hawks are growing tired of empty rhetoric, and I admit I share their concern. There's a fine column in the WaPo of a Marine officer describing the fundamental questions of counterinsurgency, and how we need to 'Learn from Hezbollah', in a sense. Assassination should be considered as well. Laughing Wolf at Blackfive addresses the problem of 'Children as Targets in War'- or something like that but not as nice, worth checking out for the Socratic dialogue alone.

Well, looks like I'll be on my way again here soon! Might be my last from Dar al Islam for a while!


  • Nice view - sort of looks like West Texas. Did you happen to catch the "60 Minute" interview with Mike Wallace and Iran President Ahmadinjad?

    Also, Buck over at has some interesting links to British views of the Israel/Hezbollah fighting as well as the British Muslim's letter to Tony Blair and the UK government. Buck has some thoughts on the BBC and other reporters. Interesting reading. Stay safe.

    By Blogger Bag Blog, at 2:16 AM  

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