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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Temporary hiatus

Trying to plan a few things amidst the desert called Iraq... kind of difficult to figure out your life as a part of the American imperialist plans to dominate the world!

So I probably won't post for a little bit. I want to- I'm not happy with General Casey and his vision of Counterinsurgency-lite(TM), but that'll have to wait. Baghdad is making some funky decisions that seem to have less and less to do with conditions on the ground. Nothing is perfect for sure, but something really stinks.

Here's a few links of interest before I run off. Counterterrorism blog compares the punditry advocating who's winning; The West or Al Qaeda? Some locals are perceiving a change after Zarqawi, and in their relationships with Americans during these hard times. Here are some posts just to give you a better feel for the area; Midnight discussing a Lazy Sunday on his camp, and Lieutenant K talking about a run to the Government Center in Ramadi.

Anyhow, I should be back, but right now I'm busy.


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