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Friday, June 02, 2006

On the reading of blogs

As you can see, I try to keep up with the news; domestic and international. And I'm fortunate to have the time to do so. We have a pretty steady internet connection so I can keep abreast of recent developments. I usually read some of the main media, like the WaPo, but mostly I stick to my favorite blogs. I use Mozilla, so when I open it my favorite 10 pages are automatically loading. I read fast, so I’ll scan them real quick, opening up the links that look interesting in new tabs. Once I’ve done that, I’ll have about 20-30 tabs open and I’ll go through and read them again- a little more thoroughly. If it’s not interesting I’ll just close the tab. If it is interesting I’ll read it again and compare it to the other ones, especially if they are talking about a certain subject- then I’ll try to find the opposite point of view. I try to record the best or most interesting here, for my readers elucidation as well as for later reference.

I love blogs; not just because of the post itself, which are of varying quality and authority (basically op/ed’s), but the comments can sometimes be even more informative. You can sometimes find a polite and reasoned argument, supported by varying facts and reports, and you emerge a smarter person. Sometimes not- they can just as easily disintegrate into food throwing or partisan echo chambers. It’s good when you find a blog that can balance the two. I like it when my readers contribute their opinions, even if it’s because they mostly disagree with me, haha… that’s why I loves ‘em. Every once in a while I’ll leave a comment on other sites, but I’m usually more of a reader. I’m not trying to make my blog into some high-traffic website for ‘fame and fortune’, it’s more of a communications board for me, my friends and family. When you’re as cool as I am, you need the people who care about you to bring you back to reality. Even if you’re right, most of the time anyways…(no smart words from Manxome or you'll get it punk)

That's nice, but today I'm not too happy. A few things stuck out for me. Watching TV at the gym, dining hall and back at the hootch I heard about the journalist who survived an IED attack and is now recovering in Germany- on MSNBC they listed who else got killed: the cameraman, the interpreter, and (an afterthought perhaps?) a US Soldier. Hmmm.

Then of course, Haditha keeps coming up. There’s been a bit more discussion, even if there hasn’t been any new evidence. Some people seem eager, it seems to me, to finally confirm what they’ve known all along- even if they know nothing about military justice. Is that fair? Well tell me (as posted in the comments of the Mudville Gazette)- on September 12, 2001, we were already being told that we couldn't broadbrush an entire group of people--Muslims--because of the actions of a tiny minority. Why doesn't this apply to the military?

It's frustrating. I had to tell my roommate to turn off the BBC- kind of like being at home and having to turn off NPR. Who can you trust to give you a straight story on it? However, those that have been here (even reporters? oh my) or in similar situations have some differing points of view. I will defer to those who have seen it. There's a lot to complain about here. But if you want to see what kind of troops we have, check Michael Yon’s site, as he revisits one of his teammates from Mosul. It’s time for me to move on when this shit still keeps on making me mad. I need a break.

In other international issues, we wonder about Mexico and immigration. How does Europe look to the future?

Always end in humor I say- today is Iowahawk promoting Al Gore’s recent environmentalist documentary. Let’s see what we can learn about humans involvement in the environment!

As always, comments- especially disagreements, are welcome. Let me know if you especially like or dislike certain posts I've linked to.


  • omg, have you seen the former president al gore's new movie? it is like totally awesome! i really want to take that guy iowahawks advice. he seems like a really fun guy. ttyl!

    (Sunguh, no need to look over your shoulder--'cuz I'm already inside your head!)

    By Anonymous The Manxome Foe, at 12:26 AM  

  • I came to your blog after reading one of your comments over at Boggs. I think you write very intelligently, and I am always willing to support our troops. You always have some great links - I liked the "Hard/Soft America".
    Sometimes I have waded into a Blog battle by commenting, but I tend to stay out just because I get so "caught up" or angry with other comments or "attacks". I, too, can get very unhappy with our mass media and they way they report events. It is just such a frustrating feeling! But know that not everyone buys what they are selling. Keep up the writing and stay safe.

    By Blogger Bag Blog, at 5:12 PM  

  • Manxome, inside my head? I think not! I'll show you something about getting into heads here in not too long!

    I always like to meet my readers. It's nice to know there are other people (I would hope to use the word normal, but that's never a good description)who are invested in the people who have to deal with the issues we argue about meaninglessly at home. Mrs. Bag, or whatever is the appropriate means of addressing you in our anonymous blogosphere, thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear more later.

    By Blogger sunguh5307, at 4:36 PM  

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